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Rapid Transformational Therapy®
Rapid Transformational Therapy®

RTT® is a hybrid, comprehensive solution-based therapy developed by Marisa Peer in London which combines the best of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, and neuroplasticity with unique methods for permanent, lasting change. RTT® helps break unwanted habits and enables people to achieve extraordinary results in overcoming depression, anxiety, fears, phobias and lack of confidence.  It also produces exceptional results for athletes, actors, artists and success in business. RTT® has been recognised for its unparalleled results.

Change directed by sheer will power or directed by the conscious mind, has its limits. That’s why we find ourselves making the same New Year’s resolution time and again. To change we need more than just will power and logic. We need to connect with the subconscious mind. RTT® works at the level of the subconscious mind, healing the issue at it’s very origin.

Real Stories
on the impact of RTT

Dr. Shanmugapriya

I used to have really bad anxiety and RTT has helped me face my demons and showed me where the anxieties were coming from. I have stopped thinking of the negative thoughts and feel so much more carefree.

Dr Simmy Kaur

My RTT session with Selina was incredible. She is patient, kind and very knowledgable. I felt like I was in safe, good hands with Selina. The RTT really helped me with managing my chronic migraines. I would strongly recommend Selina to my friends and family. I can’t thank you enough!

Dr Martha B

I’m an NHS GP living in London, UK. I have always felt like I have not yet reached my full potential and have much more to offer in life. However, thoughts of self doubt and lack of self esteem have held me back. I felt it was time to act on this. After doing an RTT session with Selina, my mindset shifted. I feel more sure about what I am capable of and believe that I can go for whatever I want to in life.


Good day Kavitha, just wanted to tell you I studied for many hours in a row, several days now in total flow I needed to give you an extra text of appreciation and to let you know how grateful I am for your work. I wish you an amazing day


Having RTT with Kavitha was pivotal in the transformation in my life. Kavitha was so committed to my change, intuitive and caring in her approach, as she skilfully enabled me to heal and finally really believe in myself and my abilities. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kavitha if you want to bring change to your life – you won’t regret it! Don’t think twice – just DO it!”

Dr. Parvathi Kavitha
Dr. Parvathi Kavitha

Meet Our Therapist

Dr. Parvathi Kavitha has been practising medicine for 21 years and is currently in General Practice. She’s also a certified and licensed Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) Practitioner. She extended her field of expertise to include RTT® whilst at a crossroads in her life when medicine didn’t seem sufficient enough to be able to help her. Dr.Kavitha believes that mental health is the key factor in being successful in all aspects of our lives.

She found RTT® to be the single most effective method that provides a greater lasting depth of healing in the fastest amount of time compared to conventional therapy. 

RTT is known for rapidly unveiling the root of a client’s issue and setting him/her free from it for good. It is known to alleviate stress, a lack of self-esteem, depression, confidence issues, panic attacks, performance anxiety, relationship problems,  and addictions.

Having achieved globally validated results,  RTT® has received accreditation in the US, UK, and Australia, including the National Council of Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Council of Psychotherapists and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Marisa’s transformative impact has also been acknowledged by the Royal School of Medicine in New York and London.
  • Gold Stevie® Award: Marisa Peer – Using Neuroplasticity to Revolutionize Health (2019)
  • I Am Enough – Support Department of the Year, Bronze Stevie® Award (2019)
  • American Business Awards® Bronze Stevie® Award: Video Categories – Self Esteem Mini Course By Marisa Peer (2019).
  • American Business Awards® Bronze Stevie® Award: Free Yourself From The Fear Of Judgement & Start Living Life – Marisa Peer – Viral Video (2019)
  • People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite New Products: I Am Enough – Rapid Transformational Therapy Methodology (2018)
  • Gold Stevie® Award New Product & Service – Rapid Transformational Therapy (2018)
  • Gold Stevie® Award Entrepreneur of the Year – Health Products & Services: Marisa Peer – Empowering Everyday People to Partner in their Health (2018)
  • International Business Awards: Marisa Peer Entrepreneur of the Year – Health Products & Services (2018)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Consumer Services Industries Gold Stevie® Award: Marisa Peer Shares Global Message – ‘You Are Enough’
  • American Business Awards Gold Stevie® Award: Woman of the Year Marisa Peer – Empowering Women and Children
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: International Business Awards®, Silver Stevie Award
  • International Business Awards® Gold Stevie Award: Woman of the Year.

per mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

How does our subconscious mind affects us?

No one is born with fears, no one is born with anxiety. Events that happen to us have no meaning but we give it meaning. And that meaning we attach to those events forms the blueprint and beliefs that direct our lives.

Surprisingly, often the thoughts and beliefs we are having are not ours – they are from either our past experiences or people around us. These beliefs will be engraved in our subconscious mind, whether they are good or bad, true or right, form the blueprints that rule our lives, making us who we are today. That being the case, to change, we need to connect with our subconscious mind.

So, why is the subconscious mind not a part of our everyday awareness? Early on in life we learn to navigate the world using our conscious mind. Just like when you start learning to drive. That is conscious learning but soon after the subconscious picks it up and driving becomes subconscious. The subconscious mind picks everything up – good or bad, right or wrong – it does not differentiate, it just accepts it as true and that becomes our beliefs.
The subconscious mind is an extraordinary resource, like a vault where everything we have learned or experienced is kept there. Experiences that have shaped how we feel about life in general and why we react to certain things in particular. Our subconscious gives rise to epiphanies and brilliant ideas.
‘Our subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind’


How is RTT® different from regular therapy?

RTT® works on the premise that you know what is the root cause of your issue but the only problem is it is buried deep in your subconscious mind.
RTT® is an accelerated form of therapy that gets to the root cause in your subconscious. It gets you unstuck very quickly and easily.
Unlike regular therapy that deals with the conscious mind, during RTT® we access the subconscious mind through hypnosis, find the root cause of that belief and change it to something better and beneficial to you.


Is hypnosis safe?

Yes! Hypnotic trance is a natural state of inward focus. In hypnosis you will achieve the alpha brain wave where you will be highly aware and suggestible. You will only accept suggestions that you agree with and are beneficial to you. It is similar to the experience of a flow state. Like being totally absorbed while watching a movie. This heightened state of focus gives your mind more control – not less.


How does RTT® work on my mind?

RTT® helps you change perceptions and thoughts at the subconscious level. Positive suggestions, like seeds, are planted in the subconscious mind and new and better beliefs are able to take root.


How many sessions do I need?

Anywhere between 1-3 sessions to get to the root cause, depending on how deep the issue is. We will find out during the session.


How long is a session?

90-120 minutes.


How does the session progress?

You will first be asked to fill up an intake form prior to your session. During the session the therapist will then go through your form and ask you some questions to get more clarity on the issue.

Then the session will commence. You will then be induced into hypnosis, then regressed to events that gave you this belief, then those old beliefs will be removed and installed with a new belief.

You will then be given a personalized recording that you MUST listen to EVERYDAY for a MINIMUM of 21 days. This recording lays down pathways or connection between neurons. As new pathways are strengthened, new behaviours become second nature. It is important that you play an active role in your transformation by listening to the recording.
This change becomes permanent and lasting. You break free easily, effortlessly and happily from whatever that’s weighing you down.


Scientific Publication

The latest independent study published on the 28th Jan 2021 on how hypnotic suggestions work –critical review of prominent theories and a novel synthesis. Read about it here.

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When life doesn't pan out the way
you thought it would

When things don’t go the way you planned or thought they would, it could leave you feeling confused, fearful, and angry. The problem is made worse for junior doctors who studied hard to become a doctor only to be told that there isn’t a career progression pathway for you to become a specialist.  Now…you’re feeling lost.  For some of you who love the profession and want to continue in it, the unfair treatment and harassment of junior doctors is a heartache which has affected your mental health and wellbeing.


If this describes you, then you’ll want to overcome the confusion, sort things out in your life, and make a wise decision about your future. And COACHING is the ANSWER!

Life & Career Coaching
Life & Career Coaching

How Coaching Works

As humans, we see life through filters which are formed by our experiences, our social environment, our values, and our assumptions. These limit how we see things (tunnel vision) which in turn affects our reactions to different situations in our lives. Rather than just managing your circumstances, coaches help you to become a change agent in your own life. You will be empowered to consciously choose your actions, create the things you want to experience in your life, and help others to do the same for themselves.

There are coaching methodologies which are action-oriented focused on goals, steps, and accountability which are effective in the short term. But real lasting changes in your life begin through inner transformation. That is, determining the root of most challenges and blocks in your life, including your limited perspectives in life, your self-defeating thoughts, and outdated beliefs passed down from family, society, and the media.

Coaching will help you shift your inner blocks and help you to create the right choice in how you think or feel while developing and strengthening your ability to:

  • Create long-term solutions, not just band-aid fixes
  • Promote greater individual awareness of how you think, feel, and act
  • Help you perform better and accomplish greater results with less effort
  • Reduce stress by changing your reactions to circumstances and,
  • Set the stage for your continuous transformation.

Coaching can be paired with the Energy Leadership™️ Index (ELI) Assessment, Deep Transformational Coaching technique and more. The ELI Assessment is used to reveal the specific filters you have developed and how these filters are influencing the results you are achieving or not achieving in your life.

The Deep Transformational Coaching Techniques focuses on Mindset Coaching and Life Coaching. Mindset Coaching emphasizes the “rewiring” of your mind, behaviors, and habits. Life Coaching focuses on your internal transformation to impact your external performance.

With coaching, you’ll have the opportunity to reshape your attitudes and worldview, tap into your fullest potential, and transform into the best version of you!

Free coaching sessions are available
Free coaching sessions are available

Success Stories


I had the privilege to start my journey with Dr Clara earlier this year - it has been eye opening and thoroughly satisfying to uncover my underlying motivations and values. Even as some of the conversations get difficult and uncomfortable, Dr Clara has provided a safe space where I feel unhindered in expressing myself and my thoughts. The experience has helped me to better understand myself and how to channel my focus. It has also improved my awareness on how to hold myself accountable. I strongly encourage everyone to give the experience a shot; to make the most out of it, you would however need to be ready to be open and honest, as she is helping you to face yourself and become your best you.


I had two coaching sessions with Clara, and we focused mostly on career coaching. I found Clara to be very perceptive and quick, she was able to understand me immediately and helped put my scattered thoughts into simple (and accurate) words. These sessions also forced me to clarify my own thoughts to myself, as I now realized that I have been carrying my parents'/society's inner voices instead of my own. I highly recommend getting Clara as your coach, especially if you are between careers or feel stuck in some areas of your life, you will definitely gain something from it 🙂

Janice T

Dr Clara has helped me achieve clarity and breakthrough both from a personal and professional standpoint. She is a wonderful listener and asks powerful questions that has allowed me to reflect deeply on various areas in my life . Not only that, I am thoroughly impressed by her prowess in navigating the wide variety of issues/ topics brought up during our sessions and provide different frameworks/toolkits to break down the issues effectively. Her ability to remain empathetic whilst objective are also traits that make her such an incredible coach to work with. I would highly recommend Dr Clara's life coaching services to anyone who is looking to elevate their personal and professional growth.

Emily Khor

I am currently at my 7th or 8th session with Dr Clara and it has been great. Dr Clara has helped me tremendously during this time, especially in helping me open up to my deep rooted issues. She is able to articulate information quickly and draw insights from them immediately during each session. I have gained so much from each session. This is not a I tell you what to do and you do it kind of coaching. Dr Clara helps by facilitating in your thought process and how to think / look at situation in a different manner. I found that so helpful for both my personal and career life. Thank you, Dr Clara! I really so much improvement in my thought process and have been making better decisions / actions.

Irene Wong

Clara is an incredible coach who is insightful, intuitive and have so much to offer. Her powerful coaching method allows me to ground in my being while gaining clarity to the problems at hand. Clara is always fully present in our sessions and holds a safe space for me to explore different facets of my being. I really enjoy Claras coaching as her wisdom often helps me to move pass obstacles and move forward in different phases in life. Her non-judgemental attitude also allowed me to dive deep into the core of the topic and allows transformation to happen. I couldnt be more grateful for our time working together and have learnt so much from her. I highly recommend her coaching services.

Venessa Fong

After every coaching session with Clara, I leave feeling clearer and lighter both in mind and body. The clarity and insights I have gained through partnering with Clara and having her acknowledge, validate and reflect my thoughts back to me so eloquently and clearly, have allowed me to tap into an even deeper level of understanding myself. Claras ability to hold and create a safe space for sharing has allowed me to be vulnerable and to unburden myself without any judgment. When I sometimes feel self-doubt, having Clara celebrate and champion me has helped me to boost my confidence and feel truly empowered towards achieving my goals. Clara has helped me become both a better person and a coach, I cant recommend her highly enough!

Carolina Gerding

Clara is a wonderful coach. With warmth and skill she creates an environment that is conducent to deep digging, significant breakthroughs and transformation. Thanks to her I was able to have an honest look at the situations that needed attention and regained confidence in the use of my own ressources to address matters with a mindset true to my nature. I would recommend Clara as coach to anyone trying to navigate transitions in a demanding personal situation.


” When you wake up in the morning, go to a job
and life that you are passionate about. “

Dr Clara Teo

Certified Professional Coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), United States

Dr Clara Teo completed her medical degree at Monash University in 2016. Whilst she was working as a medical doctor with the Ministry of Health, she realized that being doctor might not be the right profession for her. She had thoughts of leaving the profession but held back because of fear. A limiting belief that said “Once a doctor, always a doctor”, and this is the only profession where her skills and expertise lies.

Feeling lost, she reached out to a life and career coach for help. Needless to say, coaching solidified in her what she wanted and did not want to do with her life. A big eye opener for her was the realisation that she had been living other people’s dream and expectations, not hers. After overcoming her own limiting beliefs, she started coaching the people around her. Seeing the massive progress of those who were coached by her, it truly inspired her to take a leap of faith to transition from being a doctor to being a full-time professional coach.

Today, as a Certified Professional Coach, Dr Clara is passionate about helping doctors transition from their current career to their dream career. Her personal mission as a coach is to help doctors uncover the best version of themselves. Through an individually curated program, she seeks to help doctors break through barriers, achieve their goals and ultimately, live a life that is true to themselves. Coaching has helped many people move out of a victim-mentality to take actions that can ensure personal success.

Dr. Christal Asong Vinsien

A Life Purpose coach, trainer, speaker, and former doctor

She is a Certified Strong Interest Inventory Practitioner and Licensed NLP Practitioner.

She founded Awaken Academy, a platform for people to uncover their unique self by tapping into their gifts and talents to serve the world.

She was a star medical student who went through housemanship only to discover that becoming a doctor was not where her passion was. She made a daring leap to become a mindset coach where she now helps young doctors going through the same dilemma she went through. 

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Our corporate service is designed specifically for healthcare companies who are seeking qualified and experienced doctors for clinical and non-clinical roles.

With our extensive database of over 3,000+ doctors (and counting), from medical officers to medical directors and hospital administrators, we are the leading platform for doctors seeking career opportunities beyond traditional clinical roles.

By advertising with us, companies can connect with a pool of highly skilled and experienced doctors, while also growing their network for future opportunities.

Additionally, we are able to provide specialized health and wellness training for corporate employees, leveraging our expertise in the healthcare industry.

Ultimately, working with us can help companies attract and retain top talent while promoting a healthy and productive workforce.

client's we've worked with:

We provide customized solutions to help you meet your specific needs and achieve your goals.

Job Advertising

Unlike other job platforms, we have a rich and concentrated pool of young vibrant doctors and healthcare talents that are seeking for careers in clinical medicine and out of medicine.


We provide HRDF claimable training to help you upskill your talents. Our holistic programs address physical and mental health, promoting healthy habits and providing tools for positive lifestyle changes

Team Building

Focuses on enhancing communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among employees through interactive activities, resulting in improved team performance and morale.

Brand Advertising

Showcase Your Brand. Reach & engage with our medical audience. Brand company as the top-of-mind brand among doctors.


We will assist you with sourcing, screening and recruiting.


Consultation services to assist companies and investors in building healthcare businesses, hiring staff, and advertising.

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Simplify Your Clinic Operations

Let us handle the boring admin work so you can focus
on what really matters: your patients.

At Mediq Hub, we understand that running a GP Clinic involves more than just treating patients. Behind the scenes, countless administrative tasks are crucial to maintaining smooth clinic operations.

Most doctors are unaware of just how much time and effort these tasks consume, taking away valuable hours that could be dedicated to patient care. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to support healthcare providers by managing their non-clinical administrative work.

Our comprehensive suite of services covers everything from payroll and bookkeeping to HR and panel management, allowing the GP doctors to focus on what they do best: caring for their patients.

We take pride in our ability to efficiently handle all aspects of clinic management, ensuring seamless operations and providing peace of mind for our clients.

With Mediq Hub as your partner, you can rest assured that your clinic’s non-clinical needs are in capable hands. 

Let us handle the BORING NON-CLINICAL ADMIN work so that you can focus on patient care. 


Our Services

HR & Payroll

Eliminate the headache of managing staff compensation. We expertly handle salary calculations, statutory requirements, and ensure timely payments.

Bookkeeping & Accounts

We handle your clinic's financial records and paperwork; and assist you in making timely payments for all your invoices.

Panel Management

Applying for panels and keeping track of which TPA has paid for which patient is a major pain point for clinics and doctors. We take care of TPA application and monthly tracking of TPA payment information, providing organized and accurate records for you.


Handle everything from training staff to handling disputes in the clinic, rostering staff, and finding locums, ensuring smooth clinic operations.

why choose us?

More Time For Patient Care

Free up valuable time to focus on delivering quality patient care, without the stress of managing complex administrative tasks

Improved Efficiency

Enjoy efficient and streamlined operations, reducing the risk of errors and delays that can impact the quality of patient care.

Cost Saving

Clinic owners can avoid the expense of hiring additional staff, purchasing equipment, and investing in costly software and technology.

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