Healthcare Revolution
Conference & Exhibition

Get ready to be blown away - we're back for our 3rd sensational year!

10th & 11th August 2024


Last year's Healthcare Diverse Careers Conference (HDCC) was nothing short of spectacular, but hold on to your hats, because this year, we're catapulting you into an entirely new realm of awe-inspiring experiences.

Welcome to the Healthcare Revolution Conference & Exhibition!

In sync with our bold transformation into Disruptive Doctors, this year's conference isn't just an event; it's a groundbreaking movement. We're expanding our horizons to encompass the entire healthcare universe, specifically tailored for doctors who dare to dream bigger, aim higher, and disrupt the status quo.

Prepare to be part of an unparalleled journey that will redefine what you thought was possible in healthcare.

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this year's theme is

Doctors Impacting Healthcare Differently

Discover how you can make a difference

This isn't just a conference;
it's a launch pad for something bigger

It's not about leaving medicine, but rather stepping forward into broader possibility

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This conference is not just an event. It challenges the traditional paradigm that views medicine as a path with predefined boundaries.

Instead presents healthcare as a realm brimming with potential for those daring enough to explore.

By breaking free from our usual ways of thinking and searching for the answers alone, we can learn from doctors who are already transforming healthcare differently.

Our conference is meticulously designed around four transformative tracks:
- Diverse Careers in Healthcare
- Lifestyle Medicine
- Artificial Intelligence (AI), Tech & Innovation in Healthcare
- Entrepreneurship, Business & Investment in Healthcare.

Each track is tailored to illuminate the paths less traveled, uncovering how doctors can leverage their expertise in new domains, integrate holistic practices into patient care, harness the power of AI and technological advancements, and venture into the realms of entrepreneurship and investment to drive the future of healthcare.

Redefining A Doctor's role in healthcare

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On Day 1, we explore all the ways doctors can impact healthcare differently through their everyday clinical practice and non-clinical careers.

In Hall 1 we will be diving deep into all the diverse careers in healthcare for doctors and how they can continue to contribute to healthcare differently.

In Hall 2, we explore different aspects of healthcare, beyond the sick care that we doctors are familiar with. How can we doctors provide more value to our patients by approaching healthcare differently.



Aesthetic Medicine : Letter of Credentialing and Privileging (LCP) & Its Challenges​

Step into the evolving landscape of aesthetic medicine, a realm where the pursuit of the Letter of Credentialing and Privileging (LCP) unveils a world of opportunities and hurdles alike. This session talks about the intricate process of attaining the LCP, offering a deep dive into the challenges faced by practitioners and how to navigate this competitive field successfully.​

Integrative medicine: Practicing medicine Differently​

Dr Shashi Kumar, The KL Sky Clinic​
Explore a paradigm shift in healthcare, where patients are treated holistically beyond conventional prescriptions of sick care. An approach to healthcare that prioritizes holistic well-being over mere symptom management, fostering sustainability and patient-centered care. ​

Food as Medicine: The Healing Power of Nutritional Medicine

Dr.Mugilarasi Arasarethinam
Imagine the impact: Over a lifetime, we consume thousands of meals—each one an opportunity for healing. Join us to explore how leveraging food and supplements to treat chronic diseases could redefine healthcare, offering a proactive, sustainable approach that empowers patients to take control of their well-being.​

Approach Healthcare Differently

Find your path

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Beyond just careers.

On Day 2, we delve into what the future of healthcare might look like and explore where opportunities in healthcare lie.

Hall 1 we explore the dynamic intersection of AI, technology, and innovation within the healthcare space. As healthcare rapidly evolves, many doctors, consumed by their daily responsibilities, remain unaware of groundbreaking advancements around them. This session is a wake-up call, empowering doctors with knowledge and strategies to harness these developments, ensuring they remain relevant and adaptive in an ever-changing world.

Hall 2 will journey with doctors who have transitioned into entrepreneurs, discussing the pathways and potential of alternative careers in healthcare. These doctors have decided to play the game more boldly and on their own terms.  We also discuss how senior & seasoned doctors with capital can actively participate in advancing healthcare innovation through angel investing.



Entrepreneurship in Healthcare​

Azran Osman-Rani, NALURI
For the Visionaries of Change. Delve into the world of entrepreneurship in healthcare, tailored for innovative minds ready to disrupt the status quo. Explore how entrepreneurship empowers doctors to drive impactful change, revolutionizing healthcare delivery, technology, and accessibility on a global scale​

Power of Branding & Marketing for Doctors​

Dr Inky, KOL with1 mil follower; Dr Eric Siew, LORD of Choobub Creatives​​; Dr Reenisha Kaur, MD & Influencer, Dr Malwinder "The Bald Oncologist" Singh
How to succeed and stand out through personal branding. Learn why establishing a distinctive brand is crucial for doctors to stand out, attract patients or potential employers, and thrive in an era of increasing competition.​

Investing In Healthcare​

Explore how doctors can leverage their expertise to navigate the startup scene as savvy investors. Uncover the strategies to identify promising healthcare startups, maximize investment potential, and contribute to groundbreaking innovations shaping the future of medicine.​

From Scrubs To Entrepreneurship​

Dr Kev Lim,, QMed Asia; Dr Selina Chew, Disruptive Doctors​
Inspiring stories of doctors who traded their white coat for entrepreneurial pursuits, reshaping healthcare from innovative perspectives. Explore how these pioneers leveraged their medical expertise to become changemakers, driving impactful transformations in the healthcare landscape​

One Pass 2 game-changing days

Imagine being in a room full of doctors who have impacted healthcare differently

experience Healthcare Differently

Embark on your new path

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Why Attend?

In the rapidly evolving world of medicine, the traditional roles of doctors and methods of general practitioners are undergoing a seismic shift. 


The Healthcare Revolution Conference is not just an event; it’s a call to all doctors who aspire to be at the forefront of this transformation.


You’re not just attending any event; you’re stepping into a vibrant community of forward-thinking doctors who are eager to redefine healthcare.


This conference is a sanctuary where innovative minds meet in a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect—a safe space to think boldly and explore groundbreaking ideas without fear of judgment.

THe Community

What sets the Healthcare Revolution Conference apart is the quality of its attendees and the sense of community it fosters.

This isn’t just about listening to speakers; it’s about engaging in meaningful dialogues with peers who are just as eager as you are to make a difference.

This community doesn’t end with the conference; it extends beyond, through networks and relationships that continue to grow and influence long after the event has concluded.

Learn from Trailblazers

These pioneering doctors represent a diverse array of backgrounds, but all share a common trait: they have embraced change and turned challenges into opportunities.


They come to the conference eager to pass on their knowledge and answer your questions, helping demystify the journey from traditional practice to the unconventional path. Their stories will inspire you to make that change.

Networking and Collaboration

The connections you make at this conference can significantly impact your professional life.

Networking here means more than just forming professional contacts—it’s about creating potential partnerships and collaborations that can lead to real-world projects and initiatives.

It’s about finding like-minded individuals who can push you to think bigger and challenge you to go further.

Breaking Down Silos

Today’s healthcare challenges and opportunities demand a collaborative approach.

Innovations in medicine, whether they involve new digital health tools, advanced diagnostics, or treatment methodologies, require a broad, interdisciplinary perspective.

The Healthcare Revolution Conference is a platform where boundaries dissolve, fostering a holistic view of healthcare that integrates diverse expertise and insights.

In conclusion, the Healthcare Revolution Conference is more than an event—it’s a crucial stepping stone for any healthcare professional navigating the changing tides of the industry.


Here, you will not only learn how to adapt and thrive in a new era of healthcare but also become part of a movement that is redefining what it means to be a healthcare provider in the modern world.

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