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Want to switch careers as a doctor but don't know where to start?

Hey everyone, we have a new eBook and it’s written by none other than our Founder and MD Dr. Selina Chew. If you’re a doctor figuring out what to do with your life in view of the current state of state of healthcare and all the changes that have been occurring, this eBook is a must for you.

The eBook is a starter pack meaning it was written to get you started on your career transition journey. It was written based on doctors’ own experiences and feedback. In this eBook, Dr. Selina shares her own career transitioning experience to become an entrepreneur.

The uniqueness of this book is that Dr. Selina also spoke to junior doctors to learn their fears and concerns about career transitions. In this book she answers those concerns and allays those fears. Her specific responses to some of the doctors’ questions will enlighten many of you.

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Questions and concerns addressed in this book include:

  • When should a doctor leave clinical medicine?
  • Finding your purpose in life
  • Dealing with not knowing what you want (especially since medicine is all you’ve ever known)
  • Which fields should you pursue for your postgraduate/Masters degree?
  • Should you quit medicine right after Housemanship?
  • Will I get my APC if I quit compulsory service?
  • Finances and financial literacy
  • Is there hope for me? How do I know if I’ve made a mistake?

And more!

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