How Much Can a Doctor Make in Pharma as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL)?

The role of a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) is becoming increasingly attractive for many medical professionals, particularly those interested in bridging the gap between clinical practice and the pharmaceutical industry. If you’re a doctor considering a non-clinical career shift or simply curious about the potential earnings in this role, here’s a comprehensive guide on MSL salaries across various countries.

What is a Medical Science Liaison?

An MSL is a healthcare consulting professional within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other health-related industries. Their primary role is to ensure that products are utilized effectively, serving as scientific peers and resources within the medical community and clinical decision-makers.

Benchmark Salaries by Country


According to SalaryExpert, an entry-level MSL in Malaysia earns about RM 123,584 annually, with the average annual salary of RM137,956. As experience and skills develop the salary can climb up to to RM219,593 annually. Reference


MSLs in Singapore can expect to earn an impressive range starting from S$90,000 to S$140,000 per year, reflecting the high demand for skilled professionals in this advanced market. Reference


In India, the role of an MSL offers a salary that varies significantly, with Glassdoor reporting an average annual income of approximately ₹1,200,000, influenced by the region and the specific demands of the role. Reference


For Indonesia, data from Glassdoor indicates that the average salary for a senior MSL in Jakarta hovers around Rp 400,000,000 per year, showcasing the lucrative nature of this position in emerging markets. Reference

United States:

As per ZipRecruiter, MSLs in the United States can earn an average of $150,000 annually, with top earners reaching as high as $185,000, depending on their expertise and geographical area. Reference

United Kingdom:

In the UK, suggests that MSLs have an average salary of £60,000, with potential earnings up to £75,000 per annum as they gain more experience and take on larger territories or more specialized therapies. Reference


Glassdoor reports that the average salary for an MSL in Germany is around €70,000 annually, with senior roles potentially earning upwards of €90,000, reflecting the value of experienced professionals in a well-established pharmaceutical market. Reference

Why Consider a Career as an MSL?

The role of an MSL is not only lucrative but also highly rewarding, offering opportunities to work at the cutting-edge of medical research and product development. This career path allows doctors to leverage their clinical expertise to facilitate the safe and effective use of the latest pharmaceutical products, ultimately impacting patient care and treatment outcomes.

Moreover, the transition from clinical practice to an MSL role offers a new set of challenges and learning opportunities, including the chance to engage closely with clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and commercial strategies, making every day different and intellectually stimulating.


Whether you’re in Malaysia or the UK, the financial prospects for MSLs are promising. This role not only offers competitive salaries but also a unique opportunity to remain at the forefront of medical science, making a significant impact on both healthcare providers and patients’ lives. If you’re a doctor looking for a change, the MSL pathway could be a rewarding next step.

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