Becoming a Chief Medical Officer – How Senior do You Need to Be?

For doctors wondering if you can realize your dream of becoming a Chief Medical Officer (CMO), here’s your answer:

Is seniority really a factor in becoming a Chief Medical Officer (CMO)? It all depends, says Dr Jonathan Andrews, CMO of Certific, London, a remote diagnostics startup with about 30 staff members including several doctors.

Dr Andrews left clinical medicine two years after graduating from medical school. He currently works part-time in clinical care on the weekends, but his main focus is his full time job. The question of SENIORITY IS SUBJECTIVE and is DEPENDENT ON THE KIND OF COMPANY you’re joining. The key to becoming a CMO is:

 i) Your confidence (self-belief),

ii) How you communicate your leadership skills and,

iii)How you can add value to the company.

Key Takeaways

  • As the CMO, you are an executive and leader within the company with managerial responsibilities. A CMO must possess regulatory knowledge, identify the needs of the company, bring value added capabilities, be highly motivated but doesn’t necessarily have to be a specialist. However, some medical experience is necessary because it is a medical role.

  • The size of the company determines the skill sets required. Unlike startups, larger more traditional companies tend to focus on more specialized CMO roles.

  • Any doctor can play several roles. It’s about confidence and how you sell yourself. Showcase the parts in your CV which would position you as a leader and build on it and on all you’ve learned in healthcare.

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