Renewing Your Mind for the Good Things That Await You

Our minds have been wired to see life in a particular way using a particular lens. This lens is heavily influenced by our childhood experiences. If a person has been through a traumatic childhood experience, he/she tends to view life through an extreme lens.

Events such as the untimely death of a parent, divorce, physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse among other devastating life experiences suffered as a child tend to color how a person views life. Those affected often grow up being fearful and are quick to see things in a negative light.

Psychologists will tell you that a child’s personality is formed by six years of age. This explains why humankind often gravitate towards the negative when viewing life and its occurrences.

Understand what’s going on with you 

If you have the tendency to view life negatively or to read everything in life through a lens of despair, it’s time to examine your life experiences and determine the source that is causing you to view life in such a light. 

 Interrupt your fearful and negative thoughts with positive confessions

Having identified the root cause(s) of your negative view of life, retrain your mind to flip from negative thoughts to positive ones. You do this by interrupting those fearful and negative thoughts with positive confessions. Every time one of those fearful or negative thoughts come your way, take aim, and shoot it down with your positive confessions. This is a process that takes time so stick with it.  

Success is recognizing and going after the opportunities in life

You cannot recognize or go after opportunities if your life is controlled by negative emotions that result in a constant struggle within you.  It takes an inner strength to rise up and seek a new beginning for all the things that matter in your life such as your career, your marriage etc. It requires fortitude and a resolve to overcome obstacles standing in your way.

The more you train your mind to flip the negatives into positives, the more confident and courageous you’ll become. Now you’re on your way to success…

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