Doctors Who Code: Unlocking the Potential of Doctor-Developers in Modern Healthcare

Becoming a doctor who can also code opens up many opportunities. It’s rare, but it can change healthcare for the better. I am a doctor and I am happy to share that I have been coding for ten years and making apps for four. Programming is a skill I am glad I learned. Here is why it is good for doctors to learn to code:

1. Create Useful Apps:
Imagine you are a doctor who sees problems every day that could be fixed with the right tool. Learning to code lets you do that. You can build apps that help patients and doctors. Like in a busy clinic, if patients are waiting too long, you can develop an app that could organize the line better. It could let patients know how long the wait is, which can make waiting less stressful.

I believe there are plenty of amazing medical app ideas you can come up based on the problems you see in your practice. Since you know the problems well, you can make sure the app does exactly what you need.

2. Earn Extra Income:
Coding skills can lead to extra money – for example, you can sell your apps or start a subscription service after putting your apps on places like the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

If your app is really helpful, even the place you work might pay you to use it. Remember to check with your workplace if it is okay to make money from your apps and follow your work guidelines properly.

3) Try New Things in Healthcare:
Doctors who can code can mix medical knowledge with tech skills. This means you can come up with new ways to help patients, rather than just limiting your care on just medications and therapies. As a programmer and developer, you can build or help pick the best tech solutions for your patients.

4) Improve Patient Care with Personal Insights:
Your daily experience with patients gives you unique insights into what tools could make their lives easier. For example, an app to remind patients to take their medicine or track their mood could be a game-changer for someone with chronic illness.

Maybe you can create an app that tracks patient symptoms and complaints, allowing you to tailor your treatment better. Your firsthand knowledge means you can create solutions that really work.

5) Be Independent and Quick to React:

If you are the one creating the app, you don’t need to wait for someone else to update it or fix a problem. You can make changes fast, which is great in a healthcare setting where needs can change quickly. Imagine a patient is using your app and she reported of a small bug in it. You can quickly fix it after your clinic and the app will be fully updated the next day. How cool is that?

6) Educate Others and Share Knowledge:

As a doctor who codes, you can also teach others. Maybe you can start a blog or a workshop for other healthcare workers. Sharing your skills can help spread the benefits of tech in healthcare.

Personally, I have been teaching and training other people on how to code too. The good thing about teaching coding and app development is that it can be done online or physically, allowing me to become a versatile teacher. Teaching coding can be another way for you to earn some money too.

7) Be Part of a Global Movement:

By learning to code, you join a worldwide group of people making healthcare better with technology. You can share ideas and learn from others across the globe. The health tech sphere can grow further when clinicians join in and contribute their ideas and expertise.


It is tough to add coding to a doctor’s busy schedule, but it’s worth it. If you start small and keep going, you can build skills that make a real difference. If you are curious about coding or how to start, I am here to help.

Let us make healthcare better, one line of code at a time. Together, we can create a community of doctor-developers that can lead to big changes in healthcare, especially here in Malaysia.

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