Transitioning from the Medical Field to the Corporate Arena by Dr Alvin Lum

Dr. Alvin Lum is CEO of Magnitude Healthcare Group and Deputy CEO of Magnitude Investment Holdings and Capital. He is a practising Medical Doctor who is in Corporate Finance. He obtained MBBS degree from the International  Medical University and a Doctor of Surgery degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Dr Alvin Lum started his career as a Medical Doctor with the Ministry of Health Malaysia in 2010 and began working in the Surgical department as a Medical Officer in 2013. Dr Alvin became a Surgical Registrar in 2015 and pursued General Surgery Residency training to become a General Surgeon when he made a career shift. At Magnitude Healthcare, Dr. Alvin oversees Investments, Healthcare Consultancy, Healthcare Clinics, and Bio-Medical Solutions.  His hope is to spur lifestyle changes in community by targeting the corporate world to provide healthcare plans for their employees.

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