Is it Really True that Doctors Who Move Out of Clinical Roles are Bailing Out on Their Patients?

Not so, says Dr. Elijah Sadaphal, an urgent care physician in New York in a recent podcast with Kevin MD. While a measure of guilt is present with the stigma that doctors are “abandoning” their patients, the truth is, by transitioning out of clinical service and diversifying, doctors are helping more patients worldwide.

The good doctor notes that while there are surgeons at the operating table and critical care doctors saving lives every day, doctors who have become medical writers and researchers are playing invaluable roles in saving patients’ lives as well. In fact, by diversifying, these doctors are actually helping, educating, empowering and extending patients’ life span and health in more ways than they realize. He cites the example of how because of the internet, patients have access to all sorts of medical products and medical information which, can be quite dangerous if not deadly when not guided by a physician’s input. Medical researchers and writers are therefore doing a great service to patients through their work. And due to the reach of the internet, many patients worldwide are being helped.

This is just one of the many ways in which a collaboration between doctors in non- clinical roles and the industry is playing a pivotal role in aiding and empowering patients everywhere.

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