How Life Coaching Can Help Junior Doctors

Dr. Clara Teo was part of the 2017 cohort of contract doctors. As a former junior doctor, she understands the challenges and hardships that junior doctors  face daily. Dealing with the long working hours, demanding bosses, and managing the welfare of patients in a high stress environment can have a devastating impact on doctors’ wellbeing. During the pandemic, many doctors are feeling burnt out.

The common themes that are faced by Malaysian contract Junior Doctors are:

  • Unequal postgraduate opportunities
  • Unequal leaves
  • No proper pay raise
  • Possibility of losing their jobs after the contract ends
  • No ideal options to resign from government hospitals
  • Feeling under-appreciated
  • Placed into departments that do not interest them
  • Not knowing what they really want in life

” When life doesn’t pan out the way we thought it would, it could leave us feeling confused, fearful, and perhaps angry. “

After all, becoming a doctor is no easy feat. These feelings can fester in us and impact our wellbeing. Going to work often becomes a chore. Some doctors are thinking about quitting but are afraid of the consequences. There are also many who have the desire to continue serving in this profession, but the unfair treatment of junior doctors have left you feeling stuck and helpless.

Long story short: Doctors feel burnt out and unsupported, but don’t have an ideal option to leave.

What if you can be un-stuck?

What if you have a choice not to feel that way?

What would happen if those thoughts and feelings didn’t get in the way?

What if you could gain the work life balance that you desire?

What if you have an opportunity to live your best life regardless of your circumstances?

What if you can have more time for family, health, and FUN?

As a doctor-turned-life-coach, Dr. Clara helps junior doctors go from feeling burnt out and unmotivated to finding opportunities to attain a good work life balance, so that they can feel happier and more fulfilled!

Dr. Clara’s mission as a life coach is to help people uncover the best version of themselves. Through an individually curated program, she seeks to help doctors break through barriers, achieve their goals and ultimately, live a life that is true to them. Life coaching has helped many people move out of a victim-mentality to take actions that can ensure personal success.

MFM is pleased to announce that Dr. Clara is providing TWO FREE life coaching sessions to junior doctors during these difficult times. You have the power to create your own reality through the power of life coaching and become the best version of yourself.

If you have more questions around “How can life coaching help me?” or “What is life coaching?” please feel free to contact Dr. Clara at:

Contact details:

Phone/WhatsApp: +6016-6472568

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: drclaralifecoach

Click here to sign up for  your TWO FREE sessions.

Thank you, Doctors, for your service during these times!


Dr Clara Teo is a former doctor turned life coach. She was part of the July 2017 cohort of contract doctors. She worked under the Ministry Of Health Malaysia for 4 years prior to pursuing a career in life coaching. She is passionate about her work because she strongly believes that junior doctors in Malaysia deserve better treatment – physically, mentally and emotionally!

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