Five Good Reasons to Change Your Career as a Doctor

We know that many doctors are looking for a career that will take them up the ladder of success. It’s  also true that under the contract system, the career progression pathway is extremely limited for junior doctors in Malaysia.

Getting honest about  the situation and making a decision to do something about it is key. Taking action comes next. Here are 5 good reasons to change your career as a doctor:

  • When You’re Passionate About a Career That isn’t Medicine

A doctor shouldn’t leave medicine purely because the workplace is toxic. Is there something else they’re passionate about and want as a career? Employers would like to know the positive reasons for a doctor to switch careers.

  • You Did Medicine Because You Were Unsure of What Else to Do or You Were Pressured into the Field

The fact that a particular field is well paid and secure could be a reason to choose it but without passion, it’s hard to continue being motivated in the field.

  • Medicine No Longer fits in With Your Life Circumstances and Goals

With the presence of a family, doing calls, and working weekends may not be feasible. It’s time to think about a career that’s more aligned to your goals.

  • Because You’re Physically Burnt Out

When doctors are busy taking care of their patients and forget about their own wellness, they’re bound to suffer burn out. When your body decides you’re unable to go on with the lifestyle, it’s time to consider a career change.

  • When the End Goal Isn’t Really Where You Want to Be

If  you’re on your way to becoming a Consultant physician but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, this could pose a problem. Invariably, going through the training and the exams are bound to take its toll on you because you’re in two minds about it.

We hope this insightful article from Medic Footprints UK  has helped many doctors who are grappling with this  reality.  Source here.

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