Engaging Doctors in Healthcare Reforms is Crucial

The single most important quality a hospital organization and its physicians must possess if they are to succeed in building a lasting relationship is mutual trust. – Herman Williams, MD, MBA

Healthcare transformation becomes successful if doctors are engaged in the process. Engaging physicians in efforts to lead change is a critical factor in determining the future success of healthcare. Studies indicate that engaged physicians drive quality improvement.

This thought also seems to be the rationale for physicians to be appointed in leadership roles in healthcare organizations. Engaged physicians offer fundamental insight and leadership for successful healthcare transformation.

Engagement here is defined as the level of commitment and involvement in the hospital mission. Unfortunately, when healthcare transformation happens, doctors are the least engaged, followed by nurses.

The culprit appears to be burnout. It’s challenging to be involved and excited about change when doctors are suffering burnout. Other factors include:

  • A helpless feeling of an inability to effect change,
  • Feeling isolated from administrative leaders and,
  • Being overwhelmed by the extent of changes needed

But effective physician engagement strategies can make all the difference. When physicians have a SENSE OF OWNERSHIP and CONNECTION WITH THEIR HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS, they become engaged. This involves deliberate effort on the part of the administrative leaders TO PARTNER WITH PHYSICIANS TO ACHIEVE SHARED GOALS.

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