Doctors are Diversifying and It’s Good News for the Industry

The diversification of clinical physicians to non-traditional work roles has risen to astounding levels worldwide. As a layperson, some might wonder why this might be the case. After all, isn’t becoming a doctor the epitome of success? Every family beams with pride in the knowledge that an offspring is about to become a doctor and will do the family proud.

Why this move away from clinical medicine?

Within the Malaysian context, an unsupportive work environment in the government sector with long work hours and minimal or no benefits and low remuneration, little or no prospects for promotion, heavy documentation requirements as well as high post graduate costs have led to stress and burnout among physicians. To top it all, the COVID 19 pandemic has further burdened a financially overstrained healthcare system.

The Possibilities

The truth is, there are options available for physicians seeking a better quality of life. Medical education and medical experience are invaluable assets to industry. According to physicians who have diversified into other fields, there is a greater demand for the expert knowledge of diversified doctors among markets such as information technology, market research, big pharma, investment, health agencies, consulting companies and the like. As an example:

  • Healthcare consultants are needed at pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, physicians’ groups, non-profit organizations and in innovation and research at companies,
  • Medical writers and editors are in demand in medical and medical-related fields.
  • Industry analysts in medical markets play a huge role in guiding investment opportunities in those markets
  • Health insurance physicians are helping develop policies and guidelines for patient care
  • Online physicians’ jobs have also become more popular with many opting to work from home while caring for their children.

A Win-Win Situation

Today there are doctors who are inventors, doctors who have greatly influenced the spa and beauty business and those who are social media experts in their fields. In the 21st Century, it would appear that finding one’s niche and synergising it with one’s medical knowledge is the way forward for physicians as opposed to sticking to one’s clinical pathway. One can only imagine the endless possibilities that arise when diversified doctors and industry leaders meet. The result is surely to be a win-win situation.

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