Non-Clinical Pathfinder Workshop – 23rd June

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          Date: 23rd June 2024, Sunday

          Time: 9.30am-5.30pm

          Venue: ASEA Redox Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Unit G-6&7, Ground Level, The Vertical Podium, 8, Avenue 3, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur


          A new horizon for doctors seeking careers beyond clinical-medicine

          If you’ve ever questioned, “What career options do I have outside KKM?”


          “I want a non-clinical career but I don’t know where to start”


          “ What else can I do with my medical degree?”

          This workshop is your gateway to answers and opportunities in healthcare careers.

          What is the Non-clinical Pathfinder workshop?

          It’s a workshop that is specifically designed for doctors who are seeking careers beyond clinical medicine but do not know where to start.


          Bridging the gap

          Most doctors were trained to think that being a doctor is a womb-to-tomb profession but, with the changing landscape of healthcare, there’s so much more that a doctor can do, contribute and impact healthcare, even though he/she is no longer practising.

          The problem why we doctors think there’s no opportunities for us is because we have been trained in sickcare during our entire career. But healthcare is a huge ocean of opportunities.

          In this workshop we will show you how to navigate through it and find a fulfilling career where you can continue to impact healthcare on a different stage.

          Redefine your path as a doctor with our Non-clinical pathfinder workshop.

          A New Chapter Awaits

          You entered medicine to make a difference, and that doesn’t have to stop outside the hospital. Your skills, your compassion, your dedication – they have a place in the expansive world of healthcare. It’s time to step forward, not away, into a career that continues to honor your commitment to saving a life and impacting healthcare, in ways you never imagined.

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          Too expensive?

          It’s natural to see the price tag and pause, wondering if it’s worth the investment. But let’s put this into perspective.

          It’s a financial commitment, yes, but one that opens doors to potentially higher earning roles, more fulfilling career paths, and opportunities that you may never have considered.

          Think of it not just as spending money, but strategically investing in your own roadmap to a future where your skills and passions can be utilized in new, lucrative, and rewarding ways.

          Course Agenda

          9:00am : Registration, Welcome and Ice-breaker
          9:30 am : Introduction

          • Setting the tone and expectations.
          • Overview of the day’s agenda and objectives
          • Understanding the desire to explore non-clinical career options
          10:00am : Non-Clinical Career Options Overview

          • Healthcare Ocean (graphic) – broad picture of healthcare and the options of non-clinical
          • Presenting a broad spectrum of non-clinical career paths available to healthcare professionals
          • Case Studies/ Guest speakers or panel discussion featuring professionals in diverse roles
            (healthcare administration, consulting, pharmaceuticals, health tech, medical writing, public
            health, etc.)
          11:00am : Morning Break
          11:15am : Self-Discovery for Career Exploration

          • Self-assessment, tools and techniques: Identifying personal interests, strengths, and values
          • Personality assessments
          • Goal- Setting Exercises: Defining, Short-term and long-term objectives
          12:15pm : Lunch Break
          1:15pm : Financial Management for Career Transition

          • Understanding financial implications when transitioning from clinical to non-clinical roles
          • Budgeting and managing expenses during career shifts
          • Investment basics and financial planning for the future
          • Setting Career and Financial Goals
          • Overcoming obstacles and planning for contingencies
          2:15pm : Action Planning for Transition

          • Building a Step-by-Step Transition Plan: From Hospital to Alternative Careers
          • Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles: Tips for a Smooth Transition
          • Providing tools for further exploration
          3:15 pm : Afternoon Break
          3:30pm : ASEA Redox Malaysia Presentation
          4:15pm : Panel Discussion or Q&A Session

          • Inviting Professionals Successfully Transitioned to Non-Clinical Roles
          4:45 pm : Recap and Closing Remarks

          • Summarizing Key Takeaways and Insights
          • Final slides of different clinical path
          • Encouraging Continued Exploration and Networking
          • Feedback

          What Will You Gain From The Workshop?

          Discover yourself – Your strengths, purpose and path 

          The first step to finding your ideal non-clinical career is to understand yourself. Understand your WHY, your purpose and your strengths. This is unfortunately the most difficult part and it can’t be outsourced to anyone. The good news is, we have a proven step-by-step method that will help you discover yourself in this workshop.

          Opportunities Beyond the Hospital Walls

          The healthcare industry is an iceberg, and you’ve only seen the tip. We will expose you to the vast array of opportunities lying beneath the surface, in realms you might never have considered. We will structure the opportunities based on your purpose and your strengths so that you will know which non-clinical career suits you best.

          Action Plan

          We will hand-hold you and walk you through a step-by-step action plan which will be specifically tailored for you to make that transition. This includes financial planning and management to make that shift.

          First hand insights from doctors who have made it

          Dr Selina, Dr Vivek, and Dr Shaliz will be there to share and support you throughout this journey.



          Meet Your Instructors

           Dr Vivek Subramaniam,
          Medical Doctor, Clinic Owner, Recruiter,
          Co-founder of Disruptive Doctors

           Dr Selina,
          Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur,
          Co-founder of Disruptive Doctors,

           Dr Shaliz Manmohan,
          Entrepreneur, Clinic Owner, Medical Director X3SI, Author of 11 published books

           Dr Vivek Subramaniam,
          Medical Doctor, Clinic Owner, Recruiter,
          Co-founder of Disruptive Doctors

           Dr Selina,
          Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur,
          Co-founder of Disruptive Doctors

           Dr Shaliz Manmohan,
          Entrepreneur, Clinic Owner, Medical Director X3SI, Author of 11 published books