Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Doctors (A Beginner’s Workshop)

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It’s A Beginner’s Workshop for Doctors on Using AI to Enhance Your Clinical Practice – watch the Recap Now!

This workshop was designed specifically for doctors like you to help bridge the gap between clinical knowledge and AI & tech in healthcare, no prior knowledge in tech required. 

This workshop demystifies AI and its applications in healthcare.

In just 4 hours, participants will know how to make AI do all the work for them. 

Picture your own personal assistant that is able to help you:  

  • Streamline Clinical and Admin Workflows: From summarizing patient records to automating notes and streamlining billing processes, free up more time to focus on what matters most—your patients.
  • Enhance Decision-Making: Access the latest medical literature, suggest differential diagnoses, and generate personalized treatment plans efficiently.
  • Stay Up-to-Date Effortlessly: Quickly retrieve accurate medical information, guidelines, and the latest research, tailored to your specialty.
  • Navigate the Future Responsibly: Understand the ethical considerations, data privacy, and the role of AI in augmenting, not replacing, your clinical judgement.

“Doctors WITH AI knowledge will soon replace doctors WITHOUT AI knowledge”

Learning Objectives

Demystifying LLMs and AI in Healthcare 
  1.  AI’s Potential: Concisely present AI’s impact on diagnosis, treatment, research, and streamlining workflow.
  2.  What are LLMs? Explain LLMs in simple terms, how they process language, and their ability to generate different text outputs.
  3. LLM Basics:
    • Tokens: How LLMs break down language into meaningful units.
    • Prompt Engineering: The art of crafting effective instructions for LLMs.
    • APIs (briefly): How to connect with LLMs via platforms.
AI for Streamlining Clinical & Administrative Workflow 
  1. Clinical Documentation: Using LLMs for summarizing patient records, generating reports, and automating notes.
  2. Triage and Pre-screening: Demonstrate how LLMs can assist in initial symptom assessment and patient inquiries.
  3. Medical Coding: LLMs for streamlining ICD-10 coding and billing processes.
  4. Administrative Tasks:
    • Roster Creation: LLMs to assist in scheduling based on availability and constraints.
    • Clinical Document Summarization & Analysis: LLMs to condense reports, extract insights, and create summaries.
    • Working with statistical data (e.g. clinical census): Using LLMs to conduct data analysis and generate valuable insights from it.
LLMs for Enhanced Decision-Making 
  1. Diagnosis Support: LLMs to access relevant medical literature, suggest differential diagnoses, and analyze medical images 
  2. Treatment Recommendations: Generating personalized treatment plans with medication suggestions and dosage calculations.
  3. Clinical Research: Using LLMs to find relevant studies, support literature review, and synthesize research findings.
AI-Powered Learning for Clinicians 
  1. Knowledge Retrieval: Using LLMs to quickly access accurate medical information, guidelines, and the latest research.
  2. Personalized Revision: Generating practice quizzes, summaries of key concepts, or differential diagnosis comparisons based on speciality.
  3. Keeping Up-to-Date: LLMs to identify and summarize new developments in the field, relevant to the clinician’s area of practice.
  4. Other use cases for learning purposes.
Responsible AI and Considerations 
  1. Data Privacy and Security: Emphasize ethical data use and patient confidentiality.
  2. Bias and Limitations: Discuss how LLMs can reflect biases and their limitations in replacing clinical judgment.
  3. The Future with AI: Share the potential for responsible AI integration into healthcare practices.
Q&A and Next Steps 

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