How to Build A Profitable GP Clinic Workshop

Most doctors think that just because they know how to treat patients, that they automatically know how to build a GP clinic.

Workshop: How to Build A Profitable GP Clinic Workshop
Date: 8 June 2024
Time: 8 AM -6 PM
Venue: ReSkill Hub

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Thinking of starting your own GP clinic but don’t know where to start?
Then look no further!

How to Build A Profitable GP Clinic Workshop

Our How to Build your GP Clinic online workshop is designed to educate doctors like you on how to research,build, and run your own GP clinic.
Most doctors think that just because they know how to treat patients, that they automatically know how to build a GP clinic. This is a faulty impression.

What’s covered during the Workshop

  • Market research
  • Business viability
  • Finance & Cash flow management
  • HR management
  • Leadership skills
  • Inventory management
  • Legalities involved
  • Marketing and branding

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This workshop is your gateway to answers and opportunities in non-clinical healthcare careers.

Learning Objectives

To develop knowledge on creating new business entity
  1. Participants will be able to understand the different types and importance of each business entities
  2. Participants to identity which entity to begin with
To introduce different type of niche services
  1. Participants will identify different type of niche services and select their potential niche
To develop knowledge on the laws that regulate the healthcare industry in Malaysia
  1. Participants to identify the law that will affect their future practices
  2. Participants is able to log into their “meritsmmc” portal and update their details
  3. Determine items that require registration. 
  4. AELB checklist
To understand the importance of location.
  1. Identification of possible business address and location
  2. Produce SWOT analysis
  3. Produce competitor analysis. 
  4. Business Model Canvas
To understand licensing or registration requirements
  1. CKAPS Checklist
  2. Floor plans examples
  3. Identifying common floor plan errors and how to rectify them.
  4. Understand local or district requirements
  5. Understand the inspection requirements
  6. Understand the role of Pharmacy Enforcement
  7. Akta Kawalan Penyakit Berjangkit
  8. Notification forms and e-notifikasi
To understand the operations of clinic
  1. To understand human resource management
  2. KWSP, PERKESO, HRDF, LHDN application papers
  3. To determine human resource costing.
  4. To understand important accounting principles and budgeting
  5. To realise the importance of digitalization – CMR, PAC, or RIS Systems
  6. Identify payroll and accounting softwares. 
  7. To understand procurement of consumables and drugs – JIT procurement & bulk purchasing lists
  8. To understand role of panels and insurers
To determine exit strategy
  1. To identify the reason for exit
  2. To determine potential buyer 
  3. To understand the process of PIC change or removal
  4. To understand the process of closing a clinic

Your Trainers

Dr. Paul Chan

Dr. Paul is the Director of Eastgate Medical – a group of three primary care clinics founded by him with two in Sandakan and one in Semporna, Sabah. To his credit, Dr. Paul is also the CEO and Co-Founder of a successful imaging center in Sandakan. He is also the Founder and CEO of a healthcare consulting and management company that offers human resource and management services in procurement and financing to his own clinics and other GP clinics in Sandakan and the surrounding areas. When it comes to opening GP clinics and managing them, Dr. Paul is THE MAN to learn from! He will show you how to make your clinic FAIL SAFE!
Here’s your chance to learn from the best and succeed big time with your GP practice! Sign up now!

Dr Vivek Subramaniam

Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur,
Co-founder of Disruptive Doctors

Dr Shaliz Manmohan

Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur, Clinic Owner, Medical Director X3SI, Author of 11 published books