Taking Risks to Build a Career: Entrepreneurship and Medical Education by Dr Lavanya

Dr Lavanya Narayanan is President of Medit Tech Sdn Bhd, a medical arm of the Amogha Group. Her company specializes in designing learning management systems for online medical education with expertise in video production, digital media creation, and design workshops. In this capacity, she has been working with various medical organizations and universities in the country including […]

From Treating Illnesses to Treating the Soul: A Doctor’s Journey by Dr Nazir

Dr Mohd Nazir Bin Mohd Nazori is an Assistant Professor at the International Islamic University of Malaysia IIUM), a Mental Health Speaker and a Counselor. At the IIUM, Dr. Nazir’s areas of expertise are health promotion, communication and health education. He also offers services involving devising effective health strategies for businesses. He is also a counselor with UiTM […]

A Career Beyond the Four Walls of the Hospital by Dr Tracie Gan

Dr Tracie Gan is the Medical Services Head and the Medical Director at Doctor Anywhere, a Telehealth company. She is  entrusted with setting up the operations, clinics, SOPs, workflow aspects and more from the ground up as well as play a role in revenue generation. As she loves a good challenge, Dr. Gan took up the […]