Podcast : Doctors and Healthcare in Malaysia (Dr. Selina Chew)

Dr Selina was invited as guest speaker for Faces Of Digital Health. You will hear from Selina Chew – the founder of Medic Footprints Malaysia, which is a franchise of the UK organization. Its mission is the same: to empower doctors to look value their skills and look for new career opportunities if they feel stranded in their current situation. Selina talked about her own experience as a doctor, and the rigidity of hierarchy in healthcare which makes it very difficult for doctors to have autonomy in their work, and have a say in how healthcare should be run. We also briefly discussed the state of healthcare in Malaysia.

In August, Medic Footprints Malaysia will be organising Diverse Careers Summit for Doctors!

One of the messages Dr Selina hopes to send across to doctors is to change the mindset that they need to do everything by themselves. “We’ve been trained to think this way in medical school. Even in the hospital training, you are told that you have to do everything, that you can only rely on yourself. But that’s not true in the real world. You want to get something done? You definitely need people around. You need a good team. You need a community. So I guess I just want to let doctors know that it’s okay, that you don’t know everything. You can always ask for help.”

Come and join us on our Diverse Careers Summit for Doctors this 20th August 2022 at IDCC Shah Alam. The Summit is being organized for doctors and medical graduates who want to move from a clinical career to other healthcare careers. The aim of the Summit is to showcase to doctors the many career options in healthcare and how doctors can continue to impact patients outside of clinical medicine.

“Doctors are smart and talented people and there are plenty of opportunities for doctors to expand their portfolio of skills beyond clinical medicine. They can do that in health tech, consultancy, pharma management, set up their own business. Doctors are great entrepreneurs. And so there are lots of doctors just looking for support in exploring that.”

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