AI In Medicine Series: A Brief History of AI (Part 1)

In this four-part series of articles, we will take a closer look at AI and its potential applications in healthcare. To begin, let us delve into a concise history of AI to provide context for its current and future uses in this field. Imagine a world where computers can think like we do, or at […]

Mentors Play an Important Role in Helping Doctors to Diversify in Their Careers

There are several themes that keep coming up when surveying the gamut of information on doctors who have diversified to other careers. First, they started their careers being set in their ways to remain in clinical work thinking this would be it for them until they talked to a mentor who had diversified in his/her […]

The 5 leadership soft skills to master for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals are highly skilled individuals with deep scientific knowledge in their respective fields. Science is critical to be able to perform the role of managing patients. However, delivering good patient care also requires a great deal of soft skills to be truly effective. Here are 5 soft skills that every healthcare professional will benefit […]

A Career in Health Management: Serving Your Way to Open Doors Part I

Every choice you make in life has a consequence. This is the adage that Dr. Ramon Varghese, Chief Medical Officer at Qualitas, a private health management company lives by. Therefore, its crucial to know yourself and what drives the choices you make in life. Dr. Ramon urges doctors to give their very best wherever they […]

A Career in Health Management: Serving Your Way to Open Doors Part II

Your transition may have already begun, you just don’t know it yet. Dr. Ramon Varghese’s transition began even while in Sabah doing administrative duties such as managing budgets, rostering ambulance drivers, looking after certain hospital units etc. He did this while still on ward duty, handling casualties and more. The very task that is assigned […]

8 Ways How LLMs Can Be Your Practice Superpower

As a busy clinician, I have always looked for ways to work smarter, not harder. That is where large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini come in. These AI tools are revolutionizing the way we practice. I like to share exactly how, including some example prompts you can use, along with the ethical […]


Success is rarely achieved alone. Most successful individuals would name a few special people who guided them to their success in a special way. This could be a family member, friend, someone you met while networking, a boss or even a fellow colleague. The impact these individuals have on your transformation may not always be […]

Public Health Professionals : The Unsung Heroes

Want to stay in healthcare but outside the hospital or clinic setting? Then public health may be the field for you. Public health is safeguarding the health and its determinants in a community. In easier terms, it is a collective effort to prevent a presumably healthy person from getting a disease. It is also known […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical education : The two-tailed dilemma

Starting in 1950s, AI has bloomed tremendously in recent years. AI has been one of the most popular tools in this digital technology era, an era whereby everyone wants a piece of AI ; be it digital marketing, arts and medical education. As a medical lecturer and academician, I find it important to embrace AI […]

5 Ways to Lead Without a Title or a Team

Most individuals feel that they must first be given a title or a team to lead. Without the opportunity to lead how can one actually showcase their ability to lead? This cannot be further from the truth. When leaders are looking for that person to give a leadership responsibility to, they consider who might have […]

Doctors Who Code: Which Programming Language Should I Learn?

One of the most frequent questions I often get from fellow doctors is, “Hey, I want to learn how to code too. Which programming language should I begin with?” Honestly, the quick answer to this question is a boring one: “It depends.” Let’s first discuss what coding means. Simply put, coding is one of the […]

Adopt and Adapt: Why Keeping Up With Technology In Healthcare Matters?

credit: Freepik

Technology in healthcare has always been seen as an aspiring ever-growing factor that helps to not only improve the way patients are treated but also the way healthcare workers operate within their space, be it in a hospital, clinic or a wellness center even.  Digital transformation has always been touted as a need for the […]

Success as a Leader is a Journey of Multiple Small Steps at the Right Time

Leaders are not born, they are made. Ask any successful leader about how they got to where they are today, and they will tell you that it was a long journey through multiple roles in their career. Gradually morphing into who they are today vs who they were when they started. Very often we delve […]

Meet Dr Nor’ Aina, The Doctor who Crossed Borders Into International Marketing

Dr Nor’Aina Mohd Som, a doctor by training in general surgery, health screening and wound care, had established herself in both the government and private sector.  With more than a decade of experience, she continued to gather experience not just through screening and treating patients, but also by setting up establishments in the form of […]

Leadership is about “unlearning” as much as it is about “learning.”

Dr Shunitra CS Working as a doctor in clinical practice is tough not just for the work hours, working conditions, and responsibility of a patient’s life in your hands but the sheer mental strength it demands from you continuously. It is like being thrown into the deep end of the pool, without a float, when […]

How To Handle A Potential Medicolegal Case?

Potential Medicolegal cases are on the rise due to patient awareness towards compensation claims (ex-gratia) and court litigation leading to a compensation scheme. After being crippled by the pandemic , healthcare workers all around the world are still struggling to cope with the patient’s high demands e.g quality healthcare facilities and overall services. Daily in […]