Taking Risks to Build a Career: Entrepreneurship and Medical Education by Dr Lavanya

Dr Lavanya Narayanan is President of Medit Tech Sdn Bhd, a medical arm of the Amogha Group. Her company specializes in designing learning management systems for online medical education with expertise in video production, digital media creation, and design workshops. In this capacity, she has been working with various medical organizations and universities in the country including […]

From Treating Illnesses to Treating the Soul: A Doctor’s Journey by Dr Nazir

Dr Mohd Nazir Bin Mohd Nazori is an Assistant Professor at the International Islamic University of Malaysia IIUM), a Mental Health Speaker and a Counselor. At the IIUM, Dr. Nazir’s areas of expertise are health promotion, communication and health education. He also offers services involving devising effective health strategies for businesses. He is also a counselor with UiTM […]

A Career Beyond the Four Walls of the Hospital by Dr Tracie Gan

Dr Tracie Gan is the Medical Services Head and the Medical Director at Doctor Anywhere, a Telehealth company. She is  entrusted with setting up the operations, clinics, SOPs, workflow aspects and more from the ground up as well as play a role in revenue generation. As she loves a good challenge, Dr. Gan took up the […]

A Career in Healthcare Management: Preparations Doctors Must Make by Dr Insyirah Jalil

Dr Nur ‘Insyirah Abdul Jalil is the Manager in Medical Planning at Sunway Medical Centre and is also leading the Healthcare Network team. In her current role at Sunway Medical Centre, she utilises her clinical knowledge and management skills to bridge the gap between medical and non-medical stakeholders, spearhead partnerships and collaborations with both government […]

Steps to Take When You Realize Medicine is No Longer Your Passion by Dr Christal

Dr Christal Asong Vinsien is a mindset coach and entrepreneur. She runs her own Mindset Coaching business and an online training program called Awaken Academy. All her life she wanted to become a doctor until stepping into the role, she realized it was no longer her passion. She eventually found her life’s calling in her […]

Becoming a Software Developer with a Medical Background: Demystified by Dr Zuhairi

Dr Mohd Zuhairi bin Zainuddin is a Psychiatric Medical Officer and a trainee Psychiatrist based in Hospital UiTM, Puncak Alam. He took self-coding lessons and mastered several programming languages such as Javascript, Kotlin and Python. Dr Zuhairi’s passion is to keep building new digital interventions to improve mental health care or healthcare in general. His […]

Taking Your Career to the Next Level in Hospital Management by Dr Ebner Yoon

Dr. Ebner Yoon is Director of the Ambulatory Network for Southern China at Jiahui Health. He is also the Lead Administrator at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital. Jiahui Health is the largest private international healthcare group in Shanghai. He is vastly experienced in healthcare administration and actively engages in hospital operations in his dual roles at […]

What’s Stopping Doctors from Making That Career Change?-Dr. Safwan Zharif Zaini

Dr Safwan Zharif Zaini is Medical Director at Sanofi Pasteur, a branch of Sanofi, an innovative global pharmaceutical company based in France. He was a House Officer at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, and was a Medical Officer for six years before taking a leap of faith and making a successful career change. He obtained his […]

Exploring Career Options with Public Health

Our March webinar is featuring Dr. Peter Gan Kim Soon who left clinical medicine to become a public health physician with the MOH. With over eight years of experience in public health, Dr. Gan has made significant contributions to various nonprofits in Malaysia by being an active medical volunteer including at MERCY Malaysia and HOPE Worldwide […]

A Career in Healthcare Beyond Malaysia

Our March webinar is featuring Dr. Bernard Ng who is a Chief Scientific Officer at Milltrust International Group, a company providing investment management expertise on both traditional and alternative investments in emerging markets. He was also a Visiting Lecturer at King’s College, London supervising the Masters of Pharmaceutical Medicine students. He has been the VP and […]

Journey from Clinical Medicine to Informatics, Management, and Investment – Dr Goh HM

On our February Webinar, we have invited Dr Goh HM, an expert in hospital management, transformation, and investment to share with us on his journey into Informatics, Management, and Investment. Dr Goh is a Healthcare Entrepreneur/Investor as well as Physician Executive with more than 24 years of international healthcare experience in Malaysia, Singapore, China, HK, […]

Pathways for Specialisation Outside Malaysia by Dr Ahmad Sufian Abdul Rahman

Dr Ahmad Sufian Abdul Rahman is the Founder and Director for Cancer CRI Centr – a start-up using social business model to advance the cancer care, research, and innovation ecosystem in Malaysia. He is also a Consultant Medical Oncologist and Clinical Researcher at HUSM. Dr Ahmad received his entire medical degree and training, in Internal […]

Brand Building Using Social Media Platforms by Dr Ingky

With 3 million likes on TikTok and over 100k followers on Instagram, Dr. Lim Ing Kien or better known as Dr. Ingky is not your average dermatology expert. Dr Ingky is a social media star, known for his creative videos through which, he has shared his expertise and knowledge on skincare. On top of that, […]