Podcast : Doctors and Healthcare in Malaysia (Dr. Selina Chew)

Dr Selina was invited as guest speaker for Faces Of Digital Health. You will hear from Selina Chew – the founder of Medic Footprints Malaysia, which is a franchise of the UK organization. Its mission is the same: to empower doctors to look value their skills and look for new career opportunities if they feel stranded […]

Alternative Careers for Doctors – The Health & Wellness Show

Dr. Selina shares her insights into Medic Footprints Malaysia on Biztech Health and Wellness Show, hosted by Brian Fernandez. She also shares what inspired her to set up Medic Footprints Malaysia and her personal journey as a doctor as well as some of the challenges facing medical professionals not only professionally but also from a […]

Being a doctor mum in a COVID-19 pandemic

Being a doctor mum is no easy feat, but how about becoming one in the midst of a pandemic? One doctor mum shares her personal journey through the rollercoaster of mothering while doctoring in a global pandemic.