Podcast : Doctors and Healthcare in Malaysia (Dr. Selina Chew)

Dr Selina was invited as guest speaker for Faces Of Digital Health. You will hear from Selina Chew – the founder of Medic Footprints Malaysia, which is a franchise of the UK organization. Its mission is the same: to empower doctors to look value their skills and look for new career opportunities if they feel stranded […]

Journey from Clinical Medicine to Informatics, Management, and Investment – Dr Goh HM

On our February Webinar, we have invited Dr Goh HM, an expert in hospital management, transformation, and investment to share with us on his journey into Informatics, Management, and Investment. Dr Goh is a Healthcare Entrepreneur/Investor as well as Physician Executive with more than 24 years of international healthcare experience in Malaysia, Singapore, China, HK, […]

Pathways for Specialisation Outside Malaysia by Dr Ahmad Sufian Abdul Rahman

Dr Ahmad Sufian Abdul Rahman is the Founder and Director for Cancer CRI Centr – a start-up using social business model to advance the cancer care, research, and innovation ecosystem in Malaysia. He is also a Consultant Medical Oncologist and Clinical Researcher at HUSM. Dr Ahmad received his entire medical degree and training, in Internal […]

Job Interview Tips for Doctors

Woman sit at desk looks at pc screen makes video call using webcam, on-line teacher wave hand greets learner in distance lesson, modern application user, job interview, distant communication conceptI had never been to a job interview until I left KKM. I resigned from KKM in November 2021 without a job offer and I scoured JobStreet daily for aesthetic doctor roles and applied for any vacancy I came across. I sent in more than 15 Job applications, got called back 11 or so times, and went for a total of eight interviews. These interviews were valuable experiences. I learned so […]

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How Life Coaching Can Help Junior Doctors

In the midst of pandemic and current contract system, the future seems unclear. A life coach will guide doctors to discover their interests, maximize potential and achieve their life goals to lead happy and meaningful lives.